Privacy-First; Levin

Levin cares about online privacy. Levin values your online privacy. Levin understands how important online privacy is. That's why Levin doesn't display any ads whatsoever and Levin does not track you, sell your data, or monitor you. It's just you, and Levin, working together to generate and manage high-strength passwords, with no unethical activity happening behind the scenes.

Top Notch Security

Everything is stored locally on your own device, rather than having an online unsecure database full of generated passwords that our hosting provider has access to. We don't process any passwords on our server you generate locally in Levin Web.

It's free, forever

Levin comes available publicly at no cost whatsoever. It's open source, licensed under CC By ND 4.0, and is ran by a nonprofit technology group, called Swivro. Don't spell it wrong, its SWIVRO, not the common mistake being SWIRVO. Swivro, a privacy-oriented anonymous USA technology group, manages and owns Levin. Levin Web isn't only available via the Levin website, you can even host it yourself.